Goat Cheese in Tin Box

Goat cheese or gidotiri is a traditional Greek cheese made from 100% fresh goat milk. It is characterized by its white color and its unique spicy flavor. Goat cheese is consumed on its own or in salads, it’s used in pies and it also makes a perfect pairing with wine or ouzo!

Its nutritional value is high as it’s a good source of B2, A and B1 vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and protein. Goat cheese is also easy to digest and it’s the ideal solution for people who are cow or soy milk intolerant.

In the last years our company has focused on the nutritional value of goat milk and the benefits provided to human health by it as compared to other types of milk.

Our Goat cheese from Sparta is a traditional white cheese with a distinctive peppery and spicy flavor. It is produced from selected fresh pasteurized goat milk collected daily from the goats that roam free in the grazing fields of the nearby mountains of Parnonas and Taygetos.

The maturation process takes place in wooden barrels under perfectly controlled conditions allowing our goat cheese to maintain its unique flavor.

The metal container packaging ensures that our goat cheese maintains its distinctive flavor and all its quality characteristics.

Those who love the rich flavor of goat cheese, but without the fat, can try Goat Light in a metal tin packing of 16Kg.


Goat cheese in tin box of 16kg

Product dimensions cm: 23x23x35
Container dimensions cm: 23x23x35
Container / Palettes: 45

Goat chesse in tin box of 8kg

Product dimensions cm: 23x23x17.5
Container dimensions cm: 23x23x17.5
Container / Palettes: 90

Goat cheese in brine, sliced in pieces of 100g. Plastic box of 4kg

Product dimensions cm: 25x25x13
Container dimensions cm: 25x25x13
Container / Palettes: 84

Goat cheese in brine. Plastic box of 2kg

Product dimensions cm: 26x15x13
Container dimensions cm: 26x15x13
Container / Palettes: 168

Goat cheese in brine. Plastic box of 900g

Product dimensions cm: 17×14.5×9.7
Container dimensions cm: 34.6×28.6×19.5
Pieces / Container: 8
Container / Palettes: 48

Goat cheese in brine. Plastic box of 400g

Product dimensions cm: 14×11.5×7
Container dimensions cm: 38x30x16
Pieces / Container: 12
Container / Palettes: 64

Goat cheese in vacuum packaging of 200g

Product dimensions cm: 12x11x2.5
Container dimensions cm: 36x24x14
Pieces / Container: 2×12
Container / Palettes: 80